Trump Biden Documents Reveal A True American Democracy Dysfunction

Isaac Newton Farris Jr
8 min readJan 23

An American President proclaiming election fraud, several American state legislatures needlessly recounting the official results of legally cast votes and in some cases unsuccessfully trying to disqualify those legally cast votes, and American citizens attempting an insurrection on Capitol Hill to prevent the transfer of power had all Americans concerned about one-person-one-vote-counted democracy dysfunction, but the recent Trump and Biden classified document discoveries reveal a true democracy dysfunction that if not addressed will be the death of American democracy.

American democracy means that American federal, state, and local governments along with all their laws are of the people, by the people, and for the people. In order for that to be the case, the American people must make decisions and then express their will and desires to their elected representatives who then implement their will and desires, but most times in order for the American people to make their decisions they need the help of a trusted informative referee. The founding fathers envisioned, and the American Constitution they wrote assigned informative referee duties to the Fourth Estate, more commonly referred to as the press or news media.

Unfortunately, 247 years later the ugly side of American capitalism has transformed the founding father’s vision of the Fourth Estate being the informative referee, to the 4th estate being a profit center for corporations first and America’s informative referee second. The profit motive has changed the news media’s old business model of profits from disseminating factual information and being an informative referee. To profit from conflict and negativity by being Don King hype-like fight promoters. The way the news media has covered, or fight promoted, the discovery of classified documents among the personal papers of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden is a textbook example of news media democracy dysfunction.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.