The Murderers’ Row To Democracy And The Rule Of Law

Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees baseball team of the late 1920s were known as the murderers’ row of baseball because of their success at defeating opponents. Since 1968 there has been a group of political players who have consistently done things to defeat the most powerful idea in human history, America. They are the murderers’ row to democracy and the rule of law, who after 52 years and 7 attempts are literally on the verge of murdering the most successful system of governing people that grants its citizens life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The foundation pillar of American democracy was best described by founding father John Adams when he saidA government of laws and not of men.” The intent of the founding fathers was and the intent of the American Constitution is, that rules and laws of American society be consistent and not subject to individual or political party whims. For the last 52 years in America, there has been a murderers’ row to democracy and rule of law that has blown this intent to smithereens!!!

It is not possible to read the minds of the murderers’ row to democracy and rule of law, so they should be given the benefit of doubt on the question of whether or not they intend to destroy American democracy. But on the question of the effect the murderers’ row to democracy is having on the rule of law, the answer is unequivocally clear, they are the murderers’ row to democracy and the rule of law. They have instigated the following 7 brutal attacks on democracy that have created the unequal rule of law for many American citizens:

Watergate- There are credible rumors that former President Richard Nixon’s corruption started in his 1968 presidential campaign. Supposedly he cut a secret deal with the Viet Cong for them to delay a peace deal with America in the Vietnam War until he was elected president. It’s a fact that he was the first president in American history to run an illegal secret operation out of the White House, which subverted the rule of law by spying on and burglarizing innocent American citizens that he deemed a threat to his political agenda, leading to the Watergate scandal and his historic resignation as President of the United States.

Reagan Debt- When Ronald Reagan was elected president in November of 1980 America was a leader in lending money to other countries. By the time Reagan left office 8 years later, America then and now leads the world in owing money to other countries. Reagan made America the world’s leading debtor nation to achieve what he could not through democratic elections, his political-ideological goal of stopping the federal government from spending money on social programs, that he felt should be spent on tax cuts instead.

Although Reagan won his political party did not win control of Congress. To subvert the will of voters and get his way on spending, Reagan would attempt to make future spending on social programs hard to impossible by combining the strategy of starving the beast along with deficit spending. Reagan economists assured America that “ deficits don’t matter “ so American budgets were approved for the first time since World War 2 without enough money to fund them. Reagan ended pay-as-you-go and started the practice of America living on a credit card and not on balanced budgets. He demanded tax cuts, which reduced the amount of money the government took in, creating the need for America to borrow the money lost to tax cuts from other countries, to pay for the social programs a democratically elected Congress voted for. Reagan intended to permanently subvert the will of the people for social spending by creating the practice of deficit spending, with the result being to grow American debt so large that it would limit America’s ability to fund social programs.

Gingrich Rules- The most divisive person in modern political history, the person who has done more than any other American to create the current violent partisan environment on Capitol Hill and in American politics, is hands down Newt Gingrich. Gingrich and his political “Contract with America” led his party to victory in 1994 and made him Speaker of the House. His election injected the toxic politics that brought the House and Senate to the current bitter partisan divide.

One of the first rules Speaker Gingrich enforced was to ban Republicans from living with or socializing with Democrats. Before this ban there were Democrats and Republicans who lived together during their overnight stays in Washington, these interactions provided opportunities for honest thoughtful non-political dialogue between opposing political opponents. Even if minds were not changed a degree of empathy for one’s opponent and their cause developed paving the road to compromise. Compromise, the lifeblood of true democracy was the very thing Gingrich wanted to stop because he believed in a take no prisoner, no compromise ideological approach for governing America.

Clinton Impeachment — Every Congressperson and Senator currently in office who voted to remove former President Bill Clinton from office for lying under oath about cheating on his wife, recently voted to keep President Trump in office, after being presented with beyond the shadow of a doubt evidence that he tried to force a foreign country to help him cheat America out a fair election.

In other words in the case of the Clinton impeachment, the murderers’ row to democracy and rule of law, were prepared to overturn the will of American voters, whose job approval of Clinton during impeachment proceedings never dropped below 60%, over an offense having nothing to do with the duties of President of the United States, because he was not their choice to be President. In the case of the Trump impeachment, the murderers’ row to democracy decided to ignore the rule of law and the will of the voters that a President obeys and follow the law, to keep a President in office who failed in obeying the law as far as the duties of his office were concerned, solely because he is their choice to be President regardless of what the law dictates or what the will of the people demands.

Stolen Judgeships- Whether Donald Trump leaves office in 2021 or 2025 his imprint on the federal judicial system will be substantial. As of June 1, 2020, President Trump has appointed 197 judges to the federal bench and 2 judges to the Supreme Court. President Trump’s appointment of 197 judges in his first term is above the average of 176 for all past presidents. He is 2nd only to former President Jimmy Carter who appointed 228 during his one term in office. Trump’s 2 appointments to the Supreme Court are the same number of appointments as former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush had in their first terms.

The recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg means President Trump potentially will get a 3rd appointment to the Supreme Court, but unfortunately, all of President Trump’s judicial appointments are tainted with stolen appointments that should have legally and morally gone to President Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama.

Under then Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the murderers’ row to democracy used the filibuster to unilaterality block all of Obama’s appointments to the federal bench, which is why there are so many vacant judgeships for President Trump to fill, Mitch McConnell stole them from Obama!!! They denied Obama what a democratic election gave him the right to do because they disagreed with who he would pick as a judge, a denial a democratic election did not give the murderers’ row to democracy the right to do. For Obama to appoint any judges to the federal bench Democrats had to eventually get rid of the filibuster procedure for federal judicial appointments.

As Senate Majority Leader, McConnell and the murderers’ row to democracy took stealing judgeships to a new level. They stole a Supreme Court judgeship by inventing a lie/rule that said a President could not appoint a Supreme Court Justice in the same year as a presidential election. This lie/rule, which is mentioned nowhere in the American Constitution, was invented to deny Obama the right that American citizens gave him through a democratically held election, the constitutional right of any sitting President to appoint a Supreme Court Justice anytime during their tenure as President, whether it’s the first or last day of their term in office.

Justice Ginsburg’s death also creates an opportunity for everyone to see the true subversion of democracy and the will of the people denied. Because the murderers’ row to democracy and rule of law are now urging President Trump to make a 3rd appointment to the Supreme Court now, even though its less than 60 days until his election day. Under the murderers’ row to democracy logic, it’s ok for a president to appoint a Supreme Court judge of their choice 40 days before election day, but it’s not ok for a president to appoint a Supreme Court judge who is not their choice 7 months before election day.

Supreme Voter Suppression- In the 2013 Shelby County v. Holder, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5–4 decision that the pre-clearance provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, a provision that for 48 years, required 9 states with a history of racial discrimination to get pre-clearance from the federal government before making any changes to voting laws or voting procedures, was now unconstitutional. Since the 5–4 ruling, those 9 states have had a significantly higher voter purge rate than the other 41 states, purging over 2 million voters from their voter rolls. 4 million more voters were purged from all state voter rolls between 2014 and 2016 than between 2006 and 2008. All 5 of the judges who ruled that it was now legal to erect barriers to voting were appointed by the murderers’ row to democracy and the rule of law.

State Voter Suppression- A former state House majority leader spoke for all of the states, who followed the Supreme Court’s 2013 vote suppression green light when he said that voter ID would help the candidate of his party win. Within 24 hours of the Supreme Court’s Shelby v Holder ruling Texas, Mississippi and Alabama implemented strict voter photo ID laws that had previously been barred because of 48 years of federal preclearance. The murderers’ row to democracy in these 3 states claimed new voter ID laws were needed to prevent voter fraud by others, even though the tiny amount of past voter fraud that has occurred was committed by members of their same political party.

Within 2 months of the Supreme Court’s ruling North Carolina enacted one of the most far-reaching voting bills in America, it instituted a strict photo ID requirement, curtailed early voting, eliminated same-day registration, restricted pre-registration, ended annual voter registration drives, and eliminated the authority of county boards of elections to keep polls open for an additional hour. Since the 2013 Shelby v Holder ruling voters in 23 states find it much harder to cast a vote because of new state voting laws. All 23 state legislatures are controlled by the murderers’ row to democracy and the rule of law.

The murderers’ row to democracy and rule of law operates with one goal in mind, their way or no way!!! If voters don’t vote their way, if the constitution doesn’t grant their way, and the courts don’t rule their way, the murderers’ to democracy and rule of law are prepared to lie, steal, and cheat to get their way. If you haven’t guessed by now the murderers’ row to democracy and the rule of law are REPUBLICANS!!!

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center. Growing up in one of the most socially and politically active families has given him a unique perspective on current events. Drop by his website for straight talk free of one-sided political spin.

Originally published at on September 23, 2020.




Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.

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Isaac Newton Farris Jr

Isaac Newton Farris Jr

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.

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