The Extremely High Cost Of Ignoring Legitimate Fear And Anxiety

Isaac Newton Farris Jr
15 min readNov 4, 2021


According to political predictions and polling approval numbers for Joe Biden and Democrats, Democrats will lose control of the U.S. House and possibly U.S. Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. In Virginia where Biden defeated Donald Trump by 10 points in 2020, 1 year later the Democratic nominee for governor lost to the Republican nominee, a self-proclaimed Trump acolyte. Throughout America school and election board officials’ lives are being harassed and threatened with death. All of these abnormal realities are the result of American society ignoring the legitimate fear and anxiety that 70% of American Whites are experiencing but don’t feel comfortable expressing in a normal way.

An objective observer of America’s political and economic health in 2017–2020 under Republican Party control versus the 11 months of 2021 under Democratic Party control, would have no choice but to proclaim America to be better off today than yesterday. While not defeated the script has been flipped. Now it’s the Covid-19 virus whose head is blooded and bowed, not the lives of the American public as was the case under the Republican control days of no ventilators, no face masks, thousands of Americans dying each day, and definitely no federal coordination or help in fighting the virus.

Republican Party control was responsible for the historic creation of a virus vaccine in less than a year, but its creation was useless in fighting the virus because Trump and Republicans, who don’t believe in government-sponsored healthcare, saw no need to develop a government plan to distribute the vaccine. It was not until the election of Joe Biden as President and the Democratic Party to control of both the U.S. House and Senate, which made it American government policy to provide the vaccine free of charge to all Americans. Providing the vaccine free of charge to everyone is the ONLY reason the U.S. economy was able to restart without thousands of Americans continuing to die each day.

Under normal circumstances, this life-saving game-changing leadership alone that Biden and Democrats stepped up and provided, leadership that Trump and Republicans refused to step up and provide, would equate to positive approval numbers for Biden and Democrats, but due to the unacknowledged legitimate fear and anxiety of American Whites, their approval numbers are negative.

For 4 years Trump and Republicans announced “ Infrastructure Week” every other month but never produced a plan or legislation only empty rhetoric and promise’s to produce legislation. Within 11 months Biden and Democrats have produced a bipartisan Senate-approved $trillion traditional infrastructure bill to repair or build bridges and roads, and to provide broadband access to rural America. And Democrats are negotiating among themselves the final details of a $trillion “ Human Infrastructure “ bill to address things such as climate change, child tax credits, and expanding access to affordable healthcare.

Biden and Democrats have stated the intention to pass both bills into law by Christmas. Everything Biden and Democrats have proposed passing into law in both infrastructure bills score high marks in public polling, but yet their approval numbers are oddly negative, with predictions of Democrats being voted out of control of both the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections.

Republicans are threatening to crash the American and world economy, by filibustering and blocking Democrats from lifting the debt ceiling to pay back money Republicans borrowed to pay for tax cuts Republicans voted into law. And yet this is the political party that American Whites are contemplating giving control back to. An NBC News poll released last weekend showed that 71% of Americans think America is now on the wrong track, 50% give Biden low scores for being competent, and 51% give him low scores for uniting the country.

It defies logic to think that an America with a restarted economy and less than 10 people dying daily of the virus is on the wrong track. Especially when 1 year ago the American economy was shut down with thousands dying daily of the virus. It defies logic that 50% question Biden’s competence when he has competently organized millions of vaccine shots into the arms of Americans, and competently organized direct financial relief to America’s small businesses, who were completely left out of the 1st round of business relief due to Republican incompetence distributing the funds. The only instance of Biden’s incompetence was the withdrawal from Afghanistan compared to the numerous instances of Trump’s incompetence.

And it defies logic that 51% give Biden low marks for uniting America when the last President, Donald Trump, was constantly speaking and tweeting racist dog whistles that caused constant racial strife and division throughout America, as opposed to President Biden who never speaks in such a manner. It all defies logic until you factor in the fear and anxiety that 70% of American Whites are living with. 90% of the 70% are American Whites who have legitimate non-racist fear and anxiety but don’t feel comfortable publically acknowledging it. Its non-racist anxiety and varying degrees of fear since repressed expresses itself in abnormal ways. The remaining 10% are hard-core racist American Whites who are very comfortable expressing their racist view that a future America will be destroyed. Because sub-human un-American people of color will soon outnumber the true Americans, European Whites who immigrated to America.

In 15 years or less American Whites will no longer be the majority race in America, since before it became the independent United States of America 245 years ago. This is why it would also defy logic and human frailty if American Whites were not experiencing non-racist apprehension, anxiety, or varying degrees of fear about transitioning from being America’s largest majority race to being America’s largest minority race, in a one-vote-majority-rule nation with a history of racial discrimination. In a small d, democratic society majority rule is the driver of society’s rituals, practices, symbols, cultural values, and laws. If a society’s founding majority population is changing, it’s reasonable and non-racist to speculate if, when, and how a different majority population will affect the traditional rituals, practices, symbols, cultural values, and laws of the society.

The one thing that seems to trigger the Republican Party, which is 90–95% American White, and some other non-Republican American Whites about Joe Biden and Democrats is their belief that Democrats want to use government to control their lives. It’s no coincidence that in Virginia, the issue of vaccine mandates and non-existent school board curriculum mandates enabled a Republican Trumpite to defeat the Democrat in the race for governor, a state that Biden won by 10 points a year ago. It’s also no coincidence that American Whites have basically remained silent as they watch make America great again Trump Republican state legislators, give themselves the power to disqualify any legally cast votes in their state they choose to for any reason they deem appropriate.

To self-justify their silence while watching Trump Republicans transform small d democracy into big steal autocracy, some American Whites have deluded themselves into believing vote fraud occurred in the 2020 election, while some other American Whites know there was no vote fraud, but grew concerned when they realized that millions more American Whites voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016, but he still lost by 4 million more votes in 2020 (7 million) than in 2016 (3 million), a worrying fact for some American Whites because it confirms the growing vote strength of people of color in America.

Amid the new societal acknowledgment of systemic racism in America, revived talk of reparations for American Blacks inspired by the police murder of George Floyd, and the newfound pride of many Native American, Asian, Arab, Persian, and Asian Indian Americans proudly proclaiming themselves as people of color, many American Whites wonder how a new colored majority in America will change how America treats and respects their white humanity. When American Whites hear people advocating for reparations they don’t hear people saying that only descendants of slave owners should pay reparations, they hear people advocating that all American Whites should pay reparations. This raises the logical non-racist question in the minds of American Whites as to whether or not American society will seek to punish them now, for the sins others committed in the past after people of color become the new American majority.

Based on the current linguistic facts in America a majority of the future American majority will speak fluently a second Latino or Hispanic language. Since America has no official language, some American Whites might wonder if a new majority would use their majority status as justification for their Latino or Hispanic language to become America’s official language. And all American Whites already see a double standard played out daily in society before any majority population change occurs or any reparations are paid. Because American Black rappers get paid and go to the bank for using the N-word while any American White using the N-word could lose employment, respectability or go to jail convicted of a hate crime.

This is an unspoken sentiment of many American Whites

All people black or white either fear, resist, or experience apprehension about change. Because all people believe they could lose something of value or fear they will not be able to adapt to the new change. Yale psychologist Jennifer Richeson and Maureen Craig, a graduate student working under her (now a psychology professor at NYU), conducted an experiment that confirms this.

First, they had a group of American White participants read a summary from the U.S. Census Bureau projecting that American Whites would soon become a minority population. After reading this the group showed a greater preference for their racial group, responding positively to statements like “ I would rather work alongside people of my same ethnic origin”, and they felt less warm feelings toward other races. According to Craig, the results suggest that “ a sense of a zero-sum competition between groups is activated,” when people hear about the rise of one group, they automatically fear it will mean a decline in their own.

The same results were found in a study led by psychologist H. Robert Outten who reported nearly identical findings in both Americans and Canadians. And apparently, it’s not just racial attitudes that shift when American Whites are exposed to the demographic data, political attitudes shift too. Richeson and Craig found that exposure to the census report caused American Whites to be more politically conservative on a variety of policies like affirmative action, immigration, defense spending, and health care reform. These shifts were not just limited to American Whites who believe in white supremacy, Richeson says “ The point is that people who think of themselves as not prejudiced and liberal demonstrate these threat effects.”

Richeson and Craig also ran a version of the experiment where American Whites were told that even though the minority-majority switch was coming, the social order would continue to be the same and American Whites would still come out on top in American society. In that version, the vast majority of the negative results disappeared. “ And that’s how you know its status threat “ fueling the negative results, Richeson says. It’s also an indication that it would be wrong to accuse the silent 60% of American Whites of being racist, like the boisterous 10% of American Whites, who claim America is on the road to hell because sub-human colored people are about to become the new majority in America.

Unfortunately, the silent 60% of non-racist American Whites don’t feel comfortable expressing legitimate questions about demographic change in America like: will the definition of the American dream change, will the symbols of America change, and will the definition of who is an American change, out of fear of being labeled racist. Their repressed non-racist anxieties find race COMPROMISED relief in a dog-whistling former President and a Republican Party whose not so subtle message is: We will protect American white people. The question of protection for American Whites is one that started with just a few American Whites in 1964, but it has consistently grown in the minds of additional American Whites each year since except for the years 1980–1988.

The new 21st century melting pot face of America

Before 1964 with creation of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 which led to the creation of the Food and Drug Administration, the break-up of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company financial monopoly, the economic relief provided to American Whites during America’s Great Depression, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) enabling middle and lower economic class American Whites to buy their first home, the G.I. Bill providing World War 2 American White veterans with low-cost mortgages to buy a home, low-interest loans to start a business or farm, one year of unemployment compensation, dedicated payments of tuition and living expenses to attend high school, college, or vocational school, and the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 which funded the construction of a national highway road system that connected the entire contiguous United States, allowing American Whites to drive their own cars to all parts of America, American Whites had always trusted the federal government to always protect them and act in their best interest.

In 1964 with the passage of the federal Civil Rights Act, was the first time American Whites experienced the federal government flexing its authority in a way that American Whites felt did not benefit them. According to the Pew Research Center before the new Civil Rights Act in 1964, 77% of American Whites trusted the government to protect them and act in their best interest. After the Civil Rights Act became law the federal government was legally mandated to use its regulatory authority to force American Whites, when and where necessary, to treat American people of color equally in all aspects of American life, as a result, distrust of the government among American Whites grew each year.

The distrust bottomed out on October 15, 1980, with only 25% of American Whites still trusting the federal government. Less than a month later on November 7, 1980, American Whites’ trust in government almost doubled rising to 40%. November 7th was 4 days after Ronald Reagan won his campaign for President of the United States by telling Americans “ government was the problem, not the solution,” which was Reagan code for, I will shut down federal affirmative action programs and stop the federal government from telling you how you must treat non-white people.

Because American society was intentionally designed from day 1 to discriminatorily place American Whites at the top of the food chain, everyone FALSELY assumes that American Whites should have no emotional, psychological, or social programmatic needs that should or need to be placated. American Whites are no more human or no less human than American Blacks, who after 188 years, thanks to the Civil Rights Movement, got SOME of the emotional, psychological, and affirmative action programs American Blacks needed to feel a legitimate part of American society.

Racial demographic change, the George Floyd police murder, and the acknowledgment of American systemic racism are forcing a racial reordering of American society. It would be naïve and short-sighted to attribute the anxiety and fear that demographic change and racial reordering is creating for the silent 60% of American Whites as racist, or to minimize the emotional and psychological impact that these changes are having on them.

If American democracy is going to survive, American society must now take steps to acknowledge and mitigate the emotional and psychological impact the changing racial demographics are having on non-racist American Whites. As was done for American Blacks, America must develop an affirmative action program specifically designed and tailored for non-racist American Whites. Affirmative action for American Whites has nothing to do with any rollback or diminution of current or past affirmative action programs for American Blacks. Just as there are different reasons why American Blacks felt alienated versus why non-racist American Whites now feel alienated, the affirmative action program for American Whites will have similar characteristics but must be tailored differently than the affirmative action program for American Blacks.

American Blacks were both legally and spiritually denied access to the American Dream so they never felt it included them. Non- racist American Whites are now wondering if their traditional access and inclusion in the American Dream will be taken from them, to compensate for racial sins of the past, and they also fear that the definition of the American Dream that they now know may change in the future.

An example of one component of an affirmative action program for American Whites would be to designate English as the official language of America. This would accomplish 2 important things for American democracy:

1) It would give American Whites the emotional and psychological assurance to know that although racial demographics in America may change, some cultural norms would remain the same regardless of what race or ethnicity is in the majority.

2) Since American Whites will no longer be the majority population the traditional visual and tangible indication of American citizenship, white racial skin color, is no longer appropriate because the new majority will be people who have a blend of different hues of skin color. America will become a true melting pot of different colored and non-colored people, making any skin color obsolete as a physical indicator of American citizenship. The new tangible American citizenship indicator has to be a trait common to all and easily attainable by all. A common language is that trait and a vital part of American society moving beyond seeing itself from a black/white racial perspective. No one can control what race they are born to, everyone can control what language they freely choose to speak. In a multi-cultured multi-colored America (E Pluribus Unum, out of many one) the English language will be the common denominator that binds all Americans together.

Unfortunately for American school children American white parent’s racial fears and anxieties have them focused on a fake danger to students while they ignore the real dangers to students

Anyone doubting the need for an affirmative action program for American Whites, need only observe the controversy and protest throughout America surrounding the real but FAKE teaching of Critical Race Theory in American schools. The realness is that it is a real issue for many American Whites, the fakeness is the fact that Critical Race Theory is taught in NO AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL OR IN NO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL NOWHERE in America!!! Because it is only taught at college and graduate schools. But American Whites have so much fear and anxiety over the fact that people of color are about to become the new majority in America, that emotions have caused them to conflate fact with fiction while attempting to white-wash the truth of history.

The erroneous conflation is confusing true racial American history with the college and graduate school level academic teaching of a theory. American Whites are so nervous about people of color gaining governing power in America, that any historically accurate curriculum about the inhumane treatment that American Whites have subjected American Blacks to in America’s racist past, is inaccurately labeled Critical Race Theory and banned by some Republican-controlled state legislatures and school boards.

Fear of retaliation is motivating some American Whites to deny and attempt to hide America’s true racial history

Out of fear American Whites are trying to white-wash and hide the true racial history of America. American Whites should not fear revealing the truth about America’s racist past, they should remind themselves that when it comes to fighting for human dignity, oppressed American people of color are guided by American completion founding father Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who preached and taught America how to aggressively but NONVIOLENTLY RESIST racial injustice, while simultaneously remembering to treat an oppressor as a wayward brother or sister gone wrong and in need of reconciliation, not retaliation because they too are children of God.

American democracy is on the brink of becoming an American autocracy and it’s not the economy stupid it’s the demographics dummy!!! The 60% non-racist American Whites are die-hard believers in one-person-one-vote-counted democracy, but if they have to choose between what they fear is an American people of color majority democracy that will mistreat American Whites, the same way that a past American White majority democracy mistreated American colored minorities, they will continue to sit silently on the sidelines while Trump Republicans transform American one-person-one-vote-counted democracy, to Republican disqualify-any-vote-necessary autocracy.

245 years later the great experiment conceived by America’s founding fathers is approaching the final frontier where true American democracy can be fulfilled and realized. Where Life, Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness for All People will reign supreme in America regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. There is just one more sacrifice to be made, one more privilege to be extended, one more investment to be made, and one more act of compassion to be performed. Design, create, and implement an Affirmative Action Program specifically for and exclusively to American Whites.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center. Growing up in one of the most socially and politically active families has given him a unique perspective on current events. Drop by his website for straight talk free of one-sided political spin.

Originally published at on November 4, 2021.



Isaac Newton Farris Jr

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.