The Difficult Sacrifice Biden’s Age Might Force In 2024

Isaac Newton Farris Jr
7 min readFeb 15

The results of a Washington Post-ABC News poll, taken this month, revealed that because of President Joe Biden’s age most Americans don’t think Biden’s best days are ahead of him, therefore he should not run for reelection. The reality is that Biden’s age won’t stop him from seeking reelection, but it might force a very difficult sacrifice in 2024!!!

Anyone who thinks that they can stop a President who wants to run for reelection from doing so has a better chance of winning the next billion-dollar lottery than stopping a President from doing so. A President is in charge and the boss of his or her political party. That’s why the Republican Party had no traditional party platform to run on in the 2020 election, the then-Republican President Donald Trump didn’t want one. The President also controls the nominating process of his or her political party. That’s why Democrats just removed Iowa as its traditional first nominating election for 2024, the current Democrat President Biden wants it to be and it will be South Carolina.

While it’s true the President is the boss he or she is not the king, queen, or dictator of their political party. Other party elected officials and other party members do have a say, which is why although Democrats cannot stop Biden from running again, Democrats can demand the same sacrifice Democrats demanded of Franklin Roosevelt in 1944. Not only was 1944 a presidential election year, but it was also the last full year of World War 2 and then-President Roosevelt felt it was his duty to finish the war by seeking reelection to an unprecedented 4th term. The problem was by 1944 everyone who had been in the physical presence of Roosevelt believed his death to be imminent, and that if he were reelected, he would not live long enough to serve another full 4-year term as President.

The belief that Roosevelt would not live to complete his term placed unprecedented scrutiny on Roosevelt’s own hand-picked Vice President Henry Wallace. The belief by a group of powerful Democrat Party leaders that Wallace’s political ideology was too liberal to succeed Roosevelt as President upon his certain future…

Isaac Newton Farris Jr

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.