President Trump Has A Point, Even If He Doesn’t Realize It

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Who among us would hire someone for a job, who we knew upfront would have to stop themselves in the future from performing some of the most important duties of that job. That’s the case today. One of the most important jobs in America, a job vital to our democracy is held by someone who can’t perform some of the most important functions of the job.

The media and politicians are rightfully alarmed hearing President Trump say Attorney General Jeff Sessions should not have recused himself from the Russia investigation. Fortunately Sessions did recuse himself. But the same justifiable reason Sessions was right to recuse himself, is the same reason that President Trump was justified in saying had he known Sessions would recuse himself, he would not have hired him.

Atty Gen Sessions did not have to rescues himself because his brother is a lawyer in a law firm that represents the Russian government, or his wife’s sister owns a catering service that the Russian Embassy uses, Sessions had to rescues himself for 2 reasons. 1) he misinformed Congress about the frequency of contact with one of the main perpetrators of the alleged crime being investigated, 2) some of the contact with the perpetrator was taking place at the same time the alleged crime was being committed.

In other words the sitting American Attorney General can’t oversee one the most important investigations of possible sabotage to American democracy in history, because the sitting American Atty Gen could be guilty of colluding with a foreign government to steal an American election.

What President-Elect would offer anyone the top job in law enforcement knowing they would come under this type of investigative scrutiny? What country would want the top legal eagle sitting on the sidelines while the crime of the century is being investigated and hopefully prosecuted?

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Nothing in Jeff Sessions’ character or history even remotely suggest that he would commit such a crime, nonetheless no one under that type of scrutiny should be the Atty Gen because we need an Atty Gen who can be engaged and involved with an investigation of this magnitude. Unfortunately for Sessions this taint will not go away as long as the investigation continues and the end seems nowhere in sight.

President Trump if your latest remarks about Sessions to the New York Times was an attempt to give us a heads-up on his pending dismissal, please proceed with your “You’re Fired” process for the good of the country.

For those who would cry foul at the firing of Sessions I would remind you that President Trump’s track record of second hires is pretty good i.e. H.R. McMasters and Christopher Wray

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center. Growing up in one of the most socially and politically active families has given him a unique perspective into current events. Drop by his blog for straight talk free of one-sided political spin.

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Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.

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