Partisan Gerrymandering: Neither Democrats Nor Republicans Can Be Trusted!!!

The Supreme Court has locked up democratic rule and set free authoritarian tyranny
Instead of slaying the beast of unfair elections Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts chose to FEED it!!!
The Supreme Court ruled 5–4 that American citizens are on their own when it comes to fighting unfair partisan elections
Since Republicans have benefited the most from abusive partisan gerrymandering, it was no surprise that a Republican partisan Supreme Court gave their fellow Republicans the green light to continue to abuse and subvert American democracy
Both Democrats and Republicans are GUILTY of partisan gerrymandering which is why both CAN NOT be trusted to draw election districts anywhere in America
Partisan gerrymandering has had an effect on every state in America
Fortunately the Supreme Court has ruled that racial gerrymandering is illegal
Unfortunately Chief Justice Roberts thinks the American electorate is DUMB ENOUGH to believe that there is nothing the Supreme Court can do to stop partisan gerrymandering
Since the Republican partisan Supreme Court decided to play politics instead of enforcing American constitutional law, it’s up to individual states themselves to stop partisan gerrymandering
The days of a Republican or Democrat partisan drawing election districts must END all over America if one person one vote will continue to be true in America
America is now in the rare position of needing to look back in order to successfully move forward

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.

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