Hi Louis thanks for sharing because exchange of thoughts is how we all grow our knowledge base. Not sure what you mean by grossly distorted FACTS I have provided links to the facts of all 3 scenarios that I cited. I hear your point about the police arresting for probable cause and I have no problem with that. Probable cause is just that, the police think its likely the person is guilty but its not their job to determine guilt no matter how strong they think the evidence is. That’s for a Court of law to determine so why should a person have to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE fee based on a thought? Maybe if the rule was you get back the money you paid for bail if you are found not guilty I would feel differently. For anyone who fits the profile of a person likely to cause physical harm to the community, there should be no amount of bail that allows them to walk the streets while waiting for trial. You mentioned drug dealers, as morally wrong as dealing drugs is that within itself poses no physical harm to the community. For anyone who does not show up for their day in Court then issue a warrant for their arrest and unless they have super human powers to physically disappear at will they will eventually be caught. With all the technology available today its very hard for a person to go about regular life activities with an arrest warrant hanging over their heads, so even in the case of a drug dealer it would be hard for them to continue to deal drugs with an outstanding warrant for their arrest. So we really don’t need bail. If one is a threat to the community they should not be released period. If a non-threat person doesn’t show for Court, in 2018 with all the ways our government has at its disposal to track us all they will be caught and not released again until their day in Court.

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Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.

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