Hi Chris thanks for reaching out with your thoughts, history has demonstrated that in the vast majority of cases monopolies of any kind are not good. It means the person or entity that is the only provider of a service or product can dictate the terms or price with the only consideration being their own bottom line, because there is no competition to force the monopoly to take other factors like fairness in pricing into consideration. The proposal I’m quoting is from the man most credited with introducing free medical care to America Bernie Sanders. His Medicare for all proposal clearly states that his Medicare program will have a annual HARD CAP FIXED budget something that dopes not happen with the today’s Medicare program, currently Medicare pays based on the demand for healthcare services not how much is in the budget. There is no speculation on my part about the government using its monopoly power to dictate prices. All one has to do is listen everyday to elected officials both Republican and Democrat who urge RIGHT NOW for Medicare and Medicaid to use its buying power RIGHT NOW to negotiate the price of prescription drugs down, like as they claim “every other government in the world does”. Sorry you could not understand my statement about other governments. What I meant was in fact everyone else besides China does have some form of socialized healthcare leaving America as the only country with market-driven healthcare, meaning America is the only country where healthcare providers can generate enough profits to not stay in business while conducting research, development and innovation. In other words if America does not pay for research, development, and innovation who can or who will.

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Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.

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