2 New Dangers to National Security Overshadowed By 37 Trump Indictments

Isaac Newton Farris Jr
6 min readJun 14

Last week Donald Trump was indicted 37 times for endangering America’s national security. But also last week 2 new larger more lethal dangers to America’s national security, that were overshadowed by all the media attention devoted to the 37 Trump indictments, developed in 2 countries. Furthermore, the 2 new dangers demonstrate why Republicans can no longer creditably claim they keep America safer than the Democrats because Republican policies are the ones creating lethal dangers to America’s national security.

To be certain prosecuting a former president for endangering America’s national security for the first time in American history is a headline noteworthy event, and prosecuting anyone including an ex-president for mishandling or exposing America’s national security secrets is a must-do requirement to maintain American safety and security, but unless the 37 indictments claim Donald Trump exposed or revealed national security secrets to China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran prosecuting Trump is not as important as mitigating or eliminating the 2 newest threats to America’s safety and security.

The number one most dangerous Middle Eastern threat to America’s national security is Iran. Last week in Islamic Iran billboards in its capital city of Tehran printed with Hebrew captions read: “ 400 seconds to Tel Aviv”. This was Iran’s announcement that it had developed a new hypersonic missile called Fattah, named after one of the 99 names of God in Islam meaning victory giver. A hypersonic missile is a weapon capable of traveling at hypersonic speed, defined as between 5 and 25 times the speed of sound or about 1 to 5 miles per second. Aside from the advertised threat to Israel’s national security Iran’s new hypersonic missile is also a threat to America’s national security.

Billboards with Arabic and Hebrew captions reading “400 seconds to Tel Aviv” were displayed in Tehran, Iran to announce Iran’s new hypersonic missile

Iran’s development of a hypersonic missile means, not only is America behind China and Russia in developing and perfecting hypersonic technology, but…

Isaac Newton Farris Jr

Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the nephew of Martin Luther King, Jr. and serves as Senior Fellow at the King Center.